Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tuesday June 18, 2013 - Departure Day

You can only get to Liberia from Malawi by going through Kenya or South Africa.  We chose Kenya.  Paul's older brother Del (whom our last born son Vanndel is named for) and his wife Becky live in Nairobi Kenya.  We are travelling with all five (now six with our new son-in-law) children (Ashley & Cozz, Annabelle, Levi, Bess and Vanndel).  Our first stop is Nairobi to visit our sister in law Becky.  Del is in the U.S. this week but we are just as happy to find Becky.  Becky is beautiful and smart.  She also started an amazing ministry for refugee women in Kenya called "Armani ya Juu".  We wanted to encourage her and let her know "her family" loves her.

We depart from Malawi with 8 pieces of luggage -- two trunks included (3 bug tents, a rechargeable lantern, 5 head lamps, 3 flashlights, a medical bag with several types of antibiotics for boils, respiratory, sinus and pneumonia along with bandages, peanut butter, jelly, tuna, Reese's candy, water bottles, wet wipes, anti-malaria rapid kits, 2 mats for sleeping on the floor, 8 sleeping bags, an assortment of batteries, gum, duck tape, dysentery medication, bug repellent, a snake bite kit and a soccer ball (that Vanndel insists on carrying).

We arrive at Aunt Becky's just in time for dinner.  Becky's home is in Tigoni - beautiful cool mountainous range of tea and coffee plantations.  With warm water bottles at the foot of the beds we fall asleep exhausted from the plane ride and the 3 hour drive from Nairobi to Tigoni through rush hour traffic.


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